How to clean and maintain leather bags

Many people only know that the essence of wind oil can only be used as medicine, but do not know that the essence of oil can also wash bags. When your leather bag is dirty, you can get a little wind oil on the stain, and then wipe it lightly with paper, not too hard, to prevent surface damage! Slowly, you will find that the dirty bag becomes clean.

Alcohol is no stranger to us, because alcohol plays an important role in our life. It can not only drink, but also disinfect and illuminate. Here it can also be used to wipe leather bags, the effect is as good as essential oils, you can try.

Toothpaste is white to our teeth. In the same way, the ointment can clean up the stains on our leather bags and keep them as clean as our teeth. Many friends doubt this, but a toothpaste is not expensive, is it true, you try to know.

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